Students wishing to enrol into the Fundamentals for Bits and Bitting course can do so by self-enroling in this course. You will be transferred into the main course upon receipt of payment.

A pre-requisite course designed for students interested in accessing the Fundamentals of Bits and Bitting section of the course which is for students entering the equestrian professions.  This introductory course provides the minimum mathematics and physics concepts required to succeed in the Fundamentals of Bits and Bitting section of the course and must be successfully completed prior to enrolment into this section.

An intensive course for students interested in entering the equestrian professions. This course is intended to introduce a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the field of bits and bitting. The course will further provide an analysis of bits from their operational perspective, a description of how auxiliary tack affects the action of the bit on the horse and the influence of the rider’s position as well as the horse’s head position have on the action of the bit. A broad overview of the history of the bit, materials used for bits and anatomy of the mouth is provided to ensure a well-rounded overview of the subject.