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Welcome To the Academy by Neue Schule

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Welcome To the Academy by Neue Schule
by Support at The Academy - Monday, 15 February 2016, 12:42 PM

Our new and exciting courses are designed to enable you to learn about the principles of bitting, how bits work and the action they have on the various points of communication.  These will benefit anyone who has an interest in bitting including riders through to trainers, judges and retailers.

The courses are available online giving everyone the flexibility to fit in around work and family commitments – and best of all, you can study from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and access to the internet!

We have the following courses on offer:

Fundamentals of Bits and Bitting


The foundation course is intended to introduce the basics of bits and bitting by covering its history and delving into the materials used in the design and manufacture of bits.  We then invite you to take a look into the horse’s mouth, giving insight into size and dimensions before culminating in the distribution of forces on the mouth and the action of various classes of bits and putting to rest some common misconceptions through basic science.


The intermediate course gives a more detailed look at the science behind bitting by taking a closer look at the forces applied with different bits and what is pressing on the horse’s tongue.  You will start to categorise bits depending on their design and action. Building on knowledge gained in the foundation course, covering equine mouth anatomy and some basic physical principles, this course develops your scientific understanding of the bit and its action in the mouth. 

Bitting Analyst (replaces Fitting Specialist)

The aim of this advanced level course is to enable you to assess a bitting situation based on measurements and observations of the horse’s bit and mouth. The course will comprise of two case studies and a short research project. Students completing this course successfully are considered highly qualified to examine and reliably advise on a bitting situation presented to them.

Further Notes

You will need to successfully complete the Foundation course to progress to the Intermediate course and both the Foundation and Intermediate courses must be completed to Merit standard to advance to the Bitting Analyst course. There are no academic entry requirements for the Foundation course. The courses are graded through online examination and submission of case studies.

To find out more or to register your interest contact


Want to enhance your knowledge and understanding about bitting? – enrol in the first course ever that clarifies this often mystifying subject.

Neue Schule is committed to making learning accessible to everyone who aspires to learn more about horse bits and bitting.

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