Available courses

Our online courses comprise:

1. Certificate in Bits and Bitting Science - Designed as a primer for all those interested in the basics of Lorinery Science. This is the entry level course.

2. Diploma in Lorinery Science - This course is an advanced study of Lorinery Science and provides students with a comprehensive tool-set to analyse bit and bridle actions and their effect on the horse. Entry requires a Merit or higher pass grade in the Certificate course.

3. Mathematics for Bits and Bitting - Enrolment is free to all those enrolled on courses 1 and 2 but can be studied on its own.

The Certificate in Bits and Bitting Science Examinations here are extended time-limited by +25 % to accommodate students with Dyslexia, ADHD and other common conditions.

This course is intended to introduce the physical principles of the bit and bitting. Unlike other treatments of the subject, this course will analyse bits from their operational perspective using simple mechanical models and backed up by experimental test data where possible. The student will become able to categorise bits in terms of their operational behaviour. The principles rely on a certain basic level of mathematical analysis. It is recommended that the open access course Mathematics and the Bit is studied for those who require support in this area. The enrolment can be for either the NS Academy Certificate or the Lantra Certified Certificate.

This course is intended to introduce a qualitative understanding of the field of bits and bitting. After completing this course the student will have been introduced to the major principles of the subject. The emphasis is on design and operation of bits in the context of the head and mouth anatomy of the horse and the rider position. The student completing this course will be able to identify and rationally argue against many common misconceptions that can be found in the popular literature on the subject. Enrolment can be made either for the NS Academy Certificate or for the Lantra Certified Certificate


This course aims to help students develop their confidence in the use of mathematics, with reference to a range of equestrian contexts. The course offers a thorough grounding in all of the mathematical skills required for The Fundamentals of Bits and Bitting courses, as well as aiding an understanding of how such skills can be applied to a broader range of situations, such as calculating body weight, feed rations and basic statistical analyses as they apply to the upper level courses as well as equitation. The course provides anyone seeking to improve their mathematical skills with a range of resources and activities to help develop their knowledge of fundamental mathematical skills with a focus on practical, horse-related, examples.

The course provides a range of tasks which provide a chance to track your progress. Assessment through these guided tasks, and an online exam provides an opportunity to gain a certificate at the end of the course.

The cost of this course is £30 + VAT. LANTRA certification is also offered for this course at a cost of £75 + VAT.

The course makes no assumptions regarding prior mathematical knowledge and is open to anybody who would like to develop or refresh their skills as they apply to the equine industry.

*NS Certificate Enrolment Only